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About Us

Our Aim:

With the increase in censorship world wide, online sex workers face the insurmountable obstacle of finding a place of their own caused by the ever-changing interaction between sociopolitical ideologies and the internet that seeks to push us out. We, as a collective, have decided to forge our own path with one simple mission: to be a haven for those who share a similar passion for “heavy” kinks - to indulge in and celebrate those kinks without shame, judgement, or fear of being ostracized. The word “corruption” is often interpreted with negative connotations. We hope to redefine the term. Our collective is here to showcase the art of BDSM and the beauty that can be found in power, pleasure, and pain. Come get corrupt with us.

Meet the Collective:

Ravyn Alexa (she/they) @ravynalexaxxx

"AKA The Internet's Mommy" is a founding member of Collective Corruption, as well as an award nominated performer, model, and director. With starring roles in productions for Lust Cinema, Kink, and MushMouth Media, she is undoubtedly a rising industry star! Known for her rotund behind and giggly personality, she brings a fun and authentically alluring vibe to all of her work! Ravyn's productions, with their focus on a more fantasy and sci-fi spin, are always easy to spot.

Lucas Ayres (he/him) @theMisterAyres

After a seventeen year career in the performing arts, and nearly as along as a BDSM lifestyle player, Lucas brings a unique blend of experiences and skills to the Collective. Well known for his creative and passionate storytelling in his productions, he has a singular expertise in regards to combining brutal predicaments with an artistic approach. The Collective is his newest venture to showcase his love for exploring power exchange in all of its complexity and nuance.

Hazel Paige (she/her) @HazelPaigexo

As cute as a button and filthy as sin. She has been in the industry for three years, and has loved BDSM for as long as she can remember. As she got older and started learning and experimenting more, her love for the kinkier side of life flourished even further. Her favorite things are impact, being a little, power exchange, and - ever the student - learning about the history and the theory surrounding BDSM. An avid masochist and bondage lover, Hazel believes in the transformative power of kink. She is so excited to bring her unique brand of adorable filth to Collective Corruption.

Mickey Mod (he/him) @theMickeyMod

Mickey has been involved in the adult industry for 17 years as both a performer and a director, and enjoys creating ethical and inclusive content from his hometown of Oakland. A crowd-favorite on the scene as a performer, his grace and charm translate behind the camera too, where he makes films that explore and dissect relationships, sensations, emotions, and intimacy. Much like the rest of the Collective, Mickey has been interested and involved in kink for as long as he can remember. his greatest area of interest? Fluids. We can't really expand on that here, but...you get it. Mickey brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Collective, and is excited to unfold this new venture to the world.

Arson (she/her) @saint_arson

Arson Leigh is a lifelong explorer and lover of kink and BDSM. A switch at her core, she brings a shameless love for Sadism and Masochism from all angles. Although still considered a newer xxx performer in front of the camera, She has been involved in the sex industry for nearly a decade with knowledge and expertise as a professional Domme and fetish model. Arson’s preference for bringing together dreamy atmospheric intimacy alongside psycho-sexually driven scenes sets her apart from the industry norm. You just have to experience it for yourself.